Why Wanpo

Our Mission


We work with esteemed clients including project managers, general and commercial contractors, kitchen and bath store dealers, home builders, and remodelers. We are a customer-centric company, our mission is to make their work easier and happier by helping with our specialty in mosaic flooring & wall covering. Therefore, we take the time and effort to study every need to find innovative solutions and make sure each job is completed to the customer’s absolute satisfaction on their customization and meets or exceeds their expectations. Based on the “CUSTOMER & REPUTATION FIRST” motto, we always keep improving, innovating, and beyond, and we focus on every client’s specific material demand and quality needs, involving offering efficient services, moderate prices, and mutual benefits during the cooperation.

Our Products

We use only the best material to provide the best services, and we believe that shoppers should be able to buy high-quality and affordable tiles and mosaics anytime and anyway.

Featured Mosaic Collections


Marble Inlaid Metal Mosaic


Marble Inlaid Shell Mosaic


Marble Inlaid Glass Mosaic

Classic Stone Mosaic Collections


Arabesque Mosaic


Basketweave Mosaic


Hexagon Mosaic

New Colors Of Stone Mosaics


Green Stone Mosaic


Pink Stone Mosaic


Blue Stone Mosaic

Our Packaging

Quality is the core of our products, while good packaging can increase the attractiveness of the marble mosaic products. We also offer OEM packaging according to the customer's requirements. The factory we work with must strictly enforce all of our product standards and even the packing requirements. The packing person needs to make sure that all paper boxes need to be strong and clean before placing the mosaic tiles into them. Plastic film is covered surrounding the whole package after all boxes are piled into the pallet or crates to prevent water and damage. We maintain a rigorous attitude from manufacturing to packing, no job is too big or too small for us, as we are dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Our Resources

For marble mosaic products, different factories make different mosaic styles. Not any mosaic factory can become our supplier. The primary concept for us to choose the cooperate plant is “dedicated personnel are responsible for each process, the more detailed the better”. Once there is a problem in any link, the person in charge of this work can communicate and solve it as soon as possible.
We may not cooperate with those factories with more advanced equipment and larger production scale, because they undertake larger orders and larger customer groups. If our quantity is not big, the factory may not be able to take care of our needs and cannot offer solutions in a short period of time, which is completely contrary to our company's supplier selection criteria. Therefore, we pay more attention to the fact that the factory can solve our needs and problems, and can complete the production tasks with quality and quantity, and someone can keep in touch with us when we need help at any time.


What Do They Say?

Mr. Anser
Mrs. Rumyana
Mr. Khair
Mr. Anser

I worked with Sophia from 2016 to now, we are good partners. She always offers me the bottom prices and helps me arrange the logistics works very well. I like to cooperate with her because she makes my orders more profitable and easier.

Mrs. Rumyana

I like working with Alice and we met in Xiamen two times. She always provides me with good prices and good services. She can arrange everything for me about the orders, what I need to do is pay for the order and tell her the booking information, then I wait for the vessel to my port.

Mr. Khair

We started with an order with some small damages and the company offered to compensate us timely and then the next orders never happened that problems anymore. I purchase from Wanpo Company several times a year. This is an integrity and trustworthy company to cooperate with.