Creativity Makes The Mosaic Market Grow Against The Trend (Part 2)

The prosperity of the industry will bring about the development of the exhibition. According to Yang Ruihong, since the development of the China Mosaic Headquarters Base for one year, all the shops in the base have been rented out. Yang Ruihong also revealed that many non-local enterprises saw the agglomeration benefits of the mosaic industry in Foshan, and they also signed up to participate in the 2nd China (Foshan) International Mosaic Exhibition. It is reported that a mosaic company from Jiujiang, Jiangxi, just participated in a building materials exhibition in Guangzhou, and then moved to Foshan to participate in a professional mosaic exhibition. However, because all the booths of the China Mosaic headquarters base have been recruited, the company actually arranged a booth under the stairs of the base.

The mosaic exhibition will become a professional exhibition of China International Ceramic & Sanitaryware Fair Foshan. It is reported that in order to expand the influence of mosaic enterprises in the designer industry and market terminals, during this exhibition, the organizer also planned various activities such as the China Mosaic Design Development Summit Forum, Mosaic Home Decoration Design Consultation, etc., which deepened the connotation of the exhibition. During the forum, many designers believed that the reason why mosaic has a market is that the form of mosaic can be recreated. Unlike large tiles, there is not much room for creation. Because mosaics have rich creative space, some designers even proposed using mosaics to make some future antiques and artworks.

Although the mosaic industry has experienced explosive development in recent years, the total scale of the industry is still relatively small, and the majority of mosaic entrepreneurs hope that the mosaic exhibition will be included in the China International Ceramic & Sanitaryware Fair Foshan. According to Yang Ruihong, after research in Chancheng District, it has been approved that "from 2009, the mosaic exhibition will be included in the China International Ceramic & Sanitaryware Fair Foshan and held as a professional mosaic exhibition under this Fair." It is reported that China Mosaic City has cooperated with Hangzhou. The first communication, and on-the-spot investigation, plans to open the "China Mosaic City Hangzhou Sub-City" in the near future.


In addition, China Mosaic City also plans to set up sub-cities in Beijing, Shanghai, and other places to accelerate the gathering of advantageous mosaic enterprises, promote the accelerated development of China's mosaic industry, and strive to build the most professional, high-end, and best-service mosaic business platform in China to further support The development and growth of Chinese mosaic enterprises has promoted the overall accelerated development of China's mosaic industry, making it occupy a pivotal position in the international mosaic industry.


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Post time: Apr-28-2023