How Wanpo Manufactures The Stone Mosaic Products With The Development Of Chinese Factories?

Unlike glass mosaics and ceramic mosaics, stone mosaics do not require melting or sintering processes under production, and the stone mosaic particles are mainly cut by cutting machines. Because the stone mosaic particles are smaller in size, the production of stone mosaics is also a kind of reuse of stone after cut-to-size from the slabs.

In China, the manufacturers who produced stone mosaics also produced building stone products. While some manufacturers realized the fruitful future of the stone mosaic market and they only produced stone mosaic products. As a result, along with the increasing needs of the market, more and more manufacturers specializing in the production of stone mosaics appear. Relevant data show that China’s stone mosaic production areas are mainly concentrated in South China, East China, and North China, among which are Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, and Henan. The main export regions of China’s stone mosaics are the USA, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and other countries and regions.

In Wanpo’s mosaic factory, the raw materials and auxiliary materials required for processing are purchased and supplied in a unified manner and need to be compared between raw material suppliers based on quality and price. After the order program is put into production, the material procurement department formulates a raw material procurement plan according to the actual production needs and selects the qualified materials reasonably. The finished products and packaging materials are stored in the warehouse where meet the storage conditions and ensure storage safety. The source of raw materials is stable and reliable to ensure the quality and supply of stone mosaic and marble mosaic products.

In the manufacturing process of stone mosaic products, the production and inspection requirements of the products are directly or indirectly transformed into the internal quality control standards of the factory according to the needs of customers. And process control is strengthened to ensure the stability of product manufacturing quality. The company keeps up with the market dynamics, and based on this, specifies the corresponding customer service strategy and market operation system, and comprehensively considers the consumption characteristics of the user end to create a comprehensive service system. Based on its advantages, the company is positioned in the marketing of high-tech value-added products, develops markets with new products, and participates in competition with high-quality services.

Hope more and more people know more about our company and our stone mosaic products, and be confident and reliable working with Wanpo Mosaic.

Post time: Jun-30-2023