New White Picket Mosaic Polished Berlinetta Geometric Marble Tile

Short Description:

Wanpo supplies this new item of this Berlinetta geometric marble tile with white polished marble chips, which is also a picket shape to choose from. We are able to provide a wholesale offer for a bulk quantity of this Ariston Berlinetta marble order.

  • Model No.: WPM187
  • Pattern: Geometric Berlinetta
  • Color: White
  • Finish: Polished
  • Material Name: Natural Marble
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    Product Description

    Wanpo company was established in 2018 and we are keeping our fresh blood in new product development and providing excellent products and services to our new and regular customers. We have chosen marble mosaic tiles with bold veins of colors, subtle mottling, and textures. This Berlinetta marble mosaic tile is made of Ariston Marble and inlaid with Wooden White marble and Pietra Grey Marble, and it is a unique pattern with special patterns and shows strong characteristics and individual distinctive effectiveness to the whole design.

    Product Specification (Parameter)

    Product Name: New White Picket Mosaic Polished Berlinetta Geometric Marble Tile
    Model No.: WPM187
    Pattern: Geometric Berlinetta
    Color: White
    Finish: Polished
    Tickness: 10mm

    Product Series

    New White Picket Mosaic Polished Berlinetta Geometric Marble Tile (1)(1)

    Model No.: WPM187

    Color: White

    Marble Name: Ariston White Marble, Wooden White Marble, Pietra Grey Marble

    Hot Sale China Geometric Marble Tile Harlow Picket Mosaic Stone (1)

    Model No.: WPM069

    Color: Green & White

    Marble Name: Shangri La Green Marble, Crystal Thassos Marble

    Product Application

    When the natural marble stone mosaics are reinterpreted in making an elegant and durable status, this white marble white picket mosaic Berlinetta geometric marble tile is available for the interior wall decoration for the bathroom and kitchen decoration, such as marble mosaic bathroom tiles, kitchen mosaic tiles, and marble mosaic backsplashes will gain a fresh view.

    New White Picket Mosaic Polished Berlinetta Geometric Marble Tile (2)
    New White Picket Mosaic Polished Berlinetta Geometric Marble Tile (3)

    We aim to deliver complete providing the highest quality product at an affordable price which we will deliver rightly to your door by sea or by air.


    Q: How about the replenishment?
    A: Please measure the exact paving area and calculate the quantity of each model before purchasing. We can also provide free budget service. If you need replenishment during the paving process, please contact us. There will be slight differences in the color and size in different batches, so there will be a color difference in restocking. Please try your best to complete the replenishment in a short time. Restocking is at your own expense.

    Q: Does your tile have a difference between the display photo and the real product when I receive it?
    A: All products are taken in kind to try to show the color and texture of the product, but the stone mosaic is natural, and each piece may be different in color and texture, and due to the shooting angle, lighting, and other reasons, there may be a color difference between the real product you receive and the display picture, please refer to the real thing. If you have stricter requirements on color or style, we suggest you buy a small sample first.

    Q: Why do I choose marble mosaic tile over ceramic mosaic tile?
    A: 1. Marble is 100% natural material, it will increase your property value.

    2. Natural stone mosaic tile never goes out of fashion over time.

    3. Natural stone mosaic is not printed and no repeat patterns and no artificial elements.

    Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity?
    A: Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity, which normally is 100 m2 (1000 sq. ft). And we will check whether the discount is acceptable for larger quantities.


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